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Creating chat bots for business
Viber, Telegram, FB

Our chat bots will be able to automate the process of communication and sales in instant messengers Telegram, Viber.

What are chat bots?

Chat bots are small applications in instant messengers. They are much cheaper to develop and more convenient for users. At the moment, they have virtually replaced some applications, as it’s easier to enter the messenger than to download the application

The main advantages:

  • No need to download a separate application
  • Almost everyone has messengers in 2019
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Cheaper to develop and product support

What can they do?

Chat bots became popular only a few years ago. Many companies have long used them in their business processes

Sending messages

You can send messages to all users who are connected to your chat bot.

Trigger distribution

Depending on different parameters, you can send unique conversion messages to the chat bot.

Delayed messages

Make delayed sending messages to users. Created a plan, created messages, launched and relaxed.

User Filter

User management is carried out from the administrative part. All history and analytics are in the admin panel.

Buy button

You can attach purchase buttons from various payment systems to messages.

Payment systems

Both built-in payment systems in instant messengers and third-party ones are supported. PrivatBank, LiqPay, Fondy…


You can choose the delivery when ordering. CDEK, Delivery.

Process Order

Convenient design through function buttons. Remembering customer information.

Up-sale & Cross-sale

You can always send customers an additional offer that will help you increase your average bill.

Buttons under messages

Convenient buttons that appear under messages with useful information.

Keyboard Buttons

Instead of the keyboard, buttons appear on which you can write unique functionality.

Tunnel creation

Cowards, long forms are in the past. You need to create profiles in Telegram, Viber, Messanger.

Connect to the site

You can convert people to chatbot through the site, using the widget.

CRM system

Manage orders, requests, incoming leads from one management system.

Action analytics

See which service is in demand and which needs improvement.

In-line bots

Convenient information in any chat by calling @ vash-bot.

Spatial recognition

Recognition of addresses when sending.

Procurement and Billing

Preparing messages for sending sending.

Warehouse accounting systems

Integration with 1C, MySklad and other accounting systems is possible.

CRM systems

AmoCRM, RetailCRM and other systems that allow you to keep customer records.

Delivery services

Nova Poshta, Delivery, SDEK, UkrPoshta.

Payment systems

Fondy, PayPall, LiqPay, Stripe Interkassa.

Fully protected

Encryption systems Telegram, Viber, Messenger.


People do not see each other's messages if they communicate directly with the bot.


The server for chat bot functionality is also possible to protect against attacks and hacks.

Personal chat

There is always a user's chat history. We can see how they behave in the chat.


Our team prepared a short video so that you can see a small part of our functionality.

We provide a full development and support cycle
for our customers


Our managers will always help to understand the needs and translate it all into clear tasks. Performance control and result!

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Customer support

We always support our customers. Support time is negotiated with each client individually

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Description and TK

For each project, we describe in detail the functionality and draw up a technical task for programmers

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We always reset clients reports on the work done. All work seen through the task manager

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