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We provide these services to our customers

The most difficult thing in our world is to create a product that will bring money to the owner and benefit his customers

Educational platforms

The world of education has moved to online: webinars, online courses, lessons and coaching. We help our customers

  • Buying courses online
  • Student assignments
  • Integration with instant messengers
  • CRM system

Create startups

The process of creating a startup is different from creating a site on the CMS or in the online store. Complex non-standard functionality, timing, organization of processes and communication with customers.

Over 5 years of experience, we have learned how to make quality startups with an integrated approach to development and effective management.

We develop SAAS services

SAAS is a solution for many client companies not to spend thousands of dollars on software licenses to get convenient functionality for a small monthly payment.

  • Monthly payments
  • Great LTV client
  • Ability to scale
  • Entrance to foreign markets

We develop the basic system functionality, subscription and CRM functionality for your company managers.

Project support

Every second studio can develop a project. But to build the right support system and long-term cooperation - units.

We offer our customers long-term support. Solving urgent tasks, quick response.

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