Creating Online Stores

Creating functional, selling, beautiful online stores along with our team - aMemory.Pro

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Our happy clients:
  • DHMD
  • Aquaprom
  • Buh-constructor

Your store will:

  • Convenient for customers
  • Selling and beautiful
  • Functional and simple
  • Unique in your niche
  • SEO is optimized for search engines
  • Integrated with payment and delivery services

Many years of development experience gives us the concept of how your store should look. You can always contact us for advice!

What you get when ordering a store:


A professional team that has implemented more than one successful store . A systematic approach to development and constant monitoring of tasks will simply not allow your project to graze the back!


All individual shops are written on the progressive Yii2 framework , which will allow your store to be as fast as possible and with its own design. For small online stores, we use: Opencart and Wordpress with the addition of WooCommerce , which significantly reduces the cost and accelerates the development of the store!


Integration with services is one of the important stages of creating a store. When your client conveniently chooses the delivery department, when you receive orders in the CRM system with which you worked earlier, when there is a convenient and secure payment card directly from the site.

Never miss this item, it is important for both you and your customers!

Why start now?

Now we will prove you why you need to start developing an online store right now and not postpone for the future.

  • Продавать круглые сутки

    All day long

  • Уменьшение издержек

    Reducing costs

  • Рост рынка сбыта

    Growth of the sales market

  • Партнерство


  • Масштабируемость


  • Отчетность и контроль

    Reporting and control


Плата за процесс

Stop paying for the process

Poorly set goals? Can not see the result of the work? So you pay for the process accurately, which means it's time to change the partner.


Stop paying for the process

Poorly set goals? Can not see the result of the work? So you pay for the process accurately, which means it's time to change the partner.

Плохое качество

Stop refreshing quality

Do not take quality work at any conditions. When you say that everything is fine, the return path will no longer be.

Пора действовать

Stop thinking, it's time to do it!

Every minute of your thinking is worth the money, do you really want to lose money every minute?

Choose the best option for your store

All our options have successful cases, it all depends on your needs. Each product is of high quality and fulfills its own task.

Small business

Ideal for retail regional trade

The Opencart engine
Card payment and Delivery
Ease of use

From $700

Order shop

Advanced store

Business has already taken place and the main goal is to increase profits

Individual design
Self-written fast engine on Yii2
Deep integration
Chat-bot (Telegram)

From $1500

Raise profits

Unique Store

Work with wholesalers, partnerships, mass sales

Individual design
Self-explanatory quick engine on Yii2
Marketing and SEO
Chat bots (Messenger, Telegram)
Premium support and reporting

From $10 000

Become a market leader

Our Promises

We bring the project to a victorious end

Each client is an individual, and we understand this. We always give value to the client!

Quality assurance

Your product will be one of the best quality and steepest in the market! The main thing is to bring to us the values of your business, and then we will do everything ourselves.

Technical Support

If "bugs" or problems happen through our fault, we will always solve the problem completely FREE OF CHARGE! Also we have tariffs for premium support 24/7

Let's work together!

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