Development of Chat Bots for Business!

From now on, you can not waste your precious time performing routine cyclical tasks, because they can be easily executed by your chat bots!

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All bots have their own control system


Convenient administration panel! For each individual bot a unique chat-bot control panel is created. All settings and management of the bot occurs exactly there.


Notices about orders come to the mail, to the messenger, to the admin area. You will never miss a new customer, or order.
Also, if necessary, you can view statistics through the administrative part.



We carry out the integration of chat bots with all popular services. Payment, delivery, accounting systems of trade items.

How are we different from other companies?

We always draw a prototype before the start of the work and approve it with the client. This gives our customers to understand what they will get in the end.

What do chat bots know

Collect user information                         

All information about the actions is displayed in the administrative part. Based on the collected information, you can analyze user actions and constantly improve the bot chat.

Accepting payments                         

We are integrating with all popular payment systems: LiqPay, Fondy, PayPal

Bulk Bulletins                         

Newsletters inside the bot with the addition of images, videos, attachments and other content. Mailing by groups of users.

Automatic responses (AI)


Bots can analyze user messages and give the most suitable answers that you drive in advance, with different variations.

Reminders and other conversion "Chips"                         

The bot can send automatically messages with a reminder: leave a review, buy a product, go back and continue filling out the form, etc.

What workers can already be dismissed?

The routine work that your employees do can make chat bots, leaving time for more important tasks

Плата за процесс

Account manager

Ask how customers are doing things, getting feedback on a product or service, congratulating you on your birthday, reminding you of important events. Why should a person do this?


Sales consultants

Sales have long been on the Internet - online shopping. But would not it be cool to offer people in a chat to buy a product? Online store does not know how.

What do we do besides bots?


Online Stores

We have been successfully doing online shopping for our clients for several years already. We use 2 implementation options: Opencart or individual solution on Yii2 .
Платформы для бизнеса

Business Platforms

All platforms we do exclusively on the progressive Yii2 framework. All of them receive individual design and unique functionality is substitute for a particular niche or goal.
Комплексные решения

Comprehensive solutions

Here, we maximally immerse in all client processes. We are thinking all the details and integration. A product can be not only a site, but also integration with bots, services, social networks.

We also connect a professional team of marketers who can do the impossible!

Our Promises

We bring the project to a victorious end

Each client is an individual, and we understand this. We always give value to the client! The main rule is that we are proud of our projects!

Quality assurance

Your product will be one of the best quality and steepest in the market! The main thing is to bring to us the values of your business, and then we will do everything ourselves.

Technical support

If the "bugs" or problems happen through our fault, we will always solve the problem completely FREE OF CHARGE! We also have premium rates.

Let's work together!

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