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Customers interacts with a whole gamut of fashionable European brands. We have collected the most elegant lines in our collection, combining them into special fashion trends that can satisfy the taste of even the most capricious fashion lady

Rapidly developing E-commerce project in the CIS fashion industry. We are finishing the project after third-party developers.

Our completed tasks
  • Query Optimization in the Opencart Database
  • JavaScript code optimization
  • Setting up and optimizing a server for the project using the mod_pagespeed module
  • Full, detailed, flexible, production unloading in 1C: work with warehouses, lists and counting, wholesale prices and much more;
  • Integration with RetailCRM
  • Integration with RetailRocket
  • Integration with SDEC
  • Integration with Convead
  • Integration with Google Sheets
  • Integration with Facebook Products
  • Integration with Yandex Market
  • Integration with Fondy payment system
  • Smart SEO filter;
  • Smart specifications on product page, linking;
  • Flexible creation of promotional codes with the choice of product categories, ignoring categories and products;
  • Wholesale customers
  • We developed a function of quick order and sending this order to the administrators;
  • Show balances for each size at each warehouse;
  • Individual information pages on points of export of products;
  • Selection of delivery points on the map.
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