Development of Business Platforms

For any niche of business there is always an effective solution for development and scaling.
Expensive, Fast, Qualitatively.

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Our happy clients:
  • DHMD
  • Aquaprom
  • Buh-constructor

Development Cycle

1. Getting to know the business

At this stage, it is important to understand what kind of problems you have and what results you need.

2. Analysis of the niche and competitors

The stage of processing information, finding similar solutions, adapting to your business and describing the concept of the platform.

3. Approving the concept

After the business analysts have analyzed the niche, we form and approve the platform concept with you.

4. Prototyping UX design

Next, the stage of building the structure of the site - the location of functional elements on the pages and their description.

5. Drawing in the design of UI design

Your site finds a shell, filled with colors and beautiful blocks. UI The designer does his job.

6. Project layout, animation creation

Front-end - one of the most important stages. Here we can already see in the browser window what was previously only in the picture. Check adaptability on different devices and transfer everything into the hands of wizard programmers.

7. Programming

The platform is developed on the progressive and fast Yii2 framework, which gives it the flexibility to refine and understand the structure. You can always order the revision and not worry that it will cost more than the site itself.

8. Testing

Before you show something to your customers, we need to become a couple of days and try it out with our own hands. Therefore, such an item as testing is one of the most important in development.

9. Project delivery, "going out"

After all the steps, we place the platform on the main domain and connect all the necessary analytics. The project is ready!

10. Advertising and SEO promotion

This is the stage of popularization and development of the project. Setting up advertising and writing texts in the blog, buying links, SMM and much more.

All platforms have their own control system


Convenient administration panel! A unique platform control panel is created for each individual project. All settings and management of the platform is there.


Notices about orders come to the mail, to the messenger, to the admin area. You will never miss a new customer, or order.
Also, if necessary, you can view statistics through the administrative part.



We are implementing the integration of platforms with all popular services. Payment, delivery, accounting systems of trade items.

There are no tariff plans

Each platform is individual, tariffs are simply impossible to create, so we show the cost of an hour of work for projects.


Purchase hourly. From 20 hours


From $20 /hour.


Magic User Interface right in your monitor

Logotypes - Layouts

From $15 /hour.


These are the people who turn the layout into a website.

SVG Animation

From $18 /hour.


Do not you need quality control in the project?

Task control

From $15 /hour.

Our Strengths


Online Stores

We have been successfully doing online shopping for our clients for several years already. We use 2 implementation options: Opencart or individual solution on Yii2 .
Платформы для бизнеса

Business Platforms

All platforms we do exclusively on the progressive Yii2 framework. All of them receive individual design and unique functionality is substitute for a particular niche or goal.
Комплексные решения

Comprehensive solutions

Here, we maximally immerse in all client processes. We are thinking all the details and integration. A product can be not only a site, but also integration with bots, services, social networks.

We also connect a professional team of marketers who can do the impossible!

Our Promises

We bring the project to a victorious end

Each client is an individual, and we understand this. We always give value to the client! The main rule is that we are proud of our projects!

Quality assurance

Your product will be one of the best quality and steepest in the market! The main thing is to bring to us the values of your business, and then we will do everything ourselves.

Technical support

If the "bugs" or problems happen through our fault, we will always solve the problem completely FREE OF CHARGE! We also have premium rates.

Let's work together!

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