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What happens after filling?

You pick up the manager

You will write a specialist

Meet a specialist

The project will be accepted for evaluation

Answer the questions as accurately as possible.

1. Company Information

2. Company activity

Select the 5 most common objections in your business.

3. Chatbot Information

Do you have TK? Wishes to the project?

What type of chat bot do you need?

4. More details

Do I need to collect statistics (user data)?

Do I need an analyst?

Do I need a chat bot to do a newsletter?

Should a chat bot keep chat history in a journal (log conversations)?

Should chat bot collect data from the site, databases, etc.? (parsit sites)?

Should a chat bot connect a live operator?

Do I need to fix the location and map display (show shops, ATMs)?

Should a chat bot interact with group chats?

Should chat bot use emoji?

5. Your wishes

5. Organizational issues